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Colorado Elk Season comes to a close...

Hot, full moon, dry, and windy are just some words that come to mind while sitting here thinking about this past elk season. It was a tough season this year. If it were easy everyone would do it right? The guides earned everything they got this year nothing came easy. We all hunted hard and pushed clients to hunt hard. By doing so we were able to kill some great elk. Got several people their first elk. Made some great new friends and shared lots of laughs and had some humbling sober moments. Thankful each and every client that came through our lodge this year. Thankful for my team of guides who day in day out gave it all they had even when it was tough. 

  With that elk season in the rear view we are focused on next season and we would love to have you join us for an elk hunting adventure. For more information browse our site and to book a hunt email us or call or text Jerad @ 970-640-9461

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