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Who are we??


   First, we are family men and fathers. We are hunters. We are adventurers. Last, but not least, we are entrepreneurs with a dedication to conservation, the hunting industry, and to becoming more responsible with all of these duties and blessings given us.     

   West Elk Outfitters, based in western Colorado, is both successful in determining what our clients need and desire, while respecting the tradition of hunting. We are known for our incomparable knowledge of the game and terrain in our areas, which in turn provides unmatched client service. Always hungry and eager for success, for innovation, and for a challenge, we seek continued growth and knowledge of our industry. We have a proud and respected track record of locating the animals that our clients come to hunt. We are a progressive company, always seeking to make improvements and find bigger, more mature game and promote healthy wildlife habitat.

    Our experiences gained over the years have taught us that running successful hunts is dependent on a number of factors. Key amongst these are responsible hunting, conservation, maintaining high standards of professionalism and having a personal approach to the business. When you hunt with us, you will notice how much effort is taken to ensure that these principals are maintained.

    We have rights to some of the best hunting areas in western Colorado and continue to expand every season.  We also recognize that the guide is an important factor in any hunting operation, we only employ the best guides to accompany you, who uphold our high standards of ethics and professionalism. We hope every hunter fills their tag but know that it is still hunting and getting the game to cooperate is out of our control. 


   We have a dedicated team. Everyone at West Elk Outfitters works tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of your adventure will run as smoothly as possible. We look forward to hosting you on a big game adventure and welcoming you to the growing family that is West Elk Outfitters.

We hope and pray we may always have the ability to continue our pursuit of becoming better outdoorsmen and conservationists and the chance to share what we have learned with many others.

   Hope to have you come hunt with us!





 Elk, Mule Deer Guide, Photographer


Mule Deer, & Elk Guide

Brylan and Jerad with Brylan's Bighorn Ewe!

The Cotten's. Jerad, Mandy, Larissa and Brylan.

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