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Bear Hunts

Trophy Black Bear

Mountain Lion Hunts

Western Colorado is known for some really incredible color phase bear. Our rifle bear season starts September 2 and runs through the month of September. You can easily draw a rifle bear tag or get the over the counter archery or muzzleloader tags. Some guys throw a bear tag on with their archery elk tag so if they tag out early they can go bear hunting. We have some really big bear and often find some great bear on our trail cameras. We offer 5 day bear hunts for $4500 with food and lodging and guide. We hunt bear over water or food sources and spot and stalk by glassing them up. 


Mountain Lion Hunts are a lot of fun. They can be very challenging also. WEO prides ourselves on high success rates so we don't take very many lion hunts. We provide everything for you on these trips. Lodging, food and transportation. You can even use a weapon we have. You just have to be able to get here when the getting is good. We run these hunts on a "call" basis. When we call you you better get here quick before conditions deteriorate. Contact us for more info and to book your spot. Don't wait on doing a lion hunt. With very Limited Quotas and activists trying to kill mountain lion hunting all together there is no better time than now to get your bucket list mountain lion.



All or a portion of our hunts are conducted on permits issued by the BLM.

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