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Colorado Mule Deer Hunts

Quality Mule Deer across the west have become highly sought after. With more and more people enjoying the sport and pursuing these incredible trophy's it has become much harder to secure tags consistently. This being the case West Elk Outfitters works hard to provide quality mule deer hunting opportunities. The Gunnison National Forest produces some of the biggest bucks each year. Jerad Cotten who is the owner of West Elk Outfitters is the 5th generation to call this area his home and his son Brylan is the 6th. Nobody knows the deer in this area better than Jerad and his team. 

What to expect while deer hunting with West Elk Outfitters. First off our conversation will start with how many preference points do you have? If you have none don't be discouraged we help people apply and build points and they can get into a hunt in a year or two. We do have limited landowner tags available through some of our landowners. These will run from $1000-$10,000 depending on unit and season. 

  Our hunts are 5 days with food, lodging and 1x1 guide for $7500. We hunt 3 units and only take 2-3 trophy hunts in each unit so space is limited. Our goal on these hunts is to find the biggest mature bucks for your tag usually trying  to hold out for 170 inch deer or better.

  Shots!! Shooting in the offseason can greatly increase your chance of success while on your hunt. Practice shooting off the sticks or bipod you will use on your hunt. Our terrain varies greatly from wide open sage to thick brush. Although we do our best to get you within 300 yards there are situations where longer shots can be taken. A hunting situation is not the time or place to try your first 500 yard shot or further. If you have the scope and rifle for shooting long range and show us the day prior to season you can shoot long range we will allow you take shots that you have practiced. 

Drop Camp Hunts

There is some great opportunity for buck hunters to kill great bucks out of our Upper Camp drop camp. Ride for an hour and 20 minutes to reach this camp, located in some great buck country. Bucks are located in this area through the 2nd Rifle Season. To book this camp it is $3000 per person. Contact us for more info on this camp. 


Archery & Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunts

Hunting early season monster mule deer is an incredible experience. Bucks are in their summer patterns feeding and bedding. Sept 2 is our first week of archery season and is when we like to pursue big velvet bucks. They are predictable and generally stay in their core summer routine. We spend our summers scouting and setting cameras to get these big high country bucks dialed in. So when you arrive the homework is done and we can focus on your target buck. Archery tags will take 3 points to draw or we have very limited landowner tag options for these as well. Being in good physical shape will help on this hunt however, if you are not able to hike like you used to we have places that you can get into and still find success. 

  The second week of September is our muzzleloader season. Also a great time to be hunting big bucks. Although you must use open sights still here in Colorado adding a little range over the stick and string is helpful. These hunts will take 3-4 points to draw. 

  Both of these are 5 day hunts and are 1x1 guided with food and lodging included for $7500.

Archery Buck 2022
All or a portion of these hunts are conducted on Special Recreation Permits with the BLM, National Park Service and Gunnison National Forest Service. West Elk Outfitters is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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