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Who will be enjoying Colorado Spring Turkey Season???

I often get asked why I don't offer Spring Turkey Hunts for our beautiful Merriam Turkeys we have here in Colorado. Well it has always been a perfect time and hunt for me to introduce our youth to a hunting experience that they can build on. It makes me smile to see youngsters getting started, take their first tom turkey. So I have never offered guided turkey hunts

Colorado has an increasing turkey population and I have seen how fast they can bounce back after a tough winter. With the trapping and dispersing efforts of the CPW we have seen new flocks take hold in new habitat and grow like crazy. A true success story here in Colorado. When I was a kid there were very few places to go to find turkeys and when you did find turkeys you often found that everyone else was there also. With the success of the species it has dispersed the hunting pressure also and it is a very enjoyable hunt here in Colorado. Tags are over the counter in most areas and some units have both a spring and fall turkey season. Be sure to check these things before going out. Best of luck this turkey season!

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