All or part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management
trophy mule deer hunting colorado

Guided Trophy Mule Deer Hunts

Colorado has one of the best deer herds and West Elk Guides are killing some of the best trophy bucks in our areas each year. Our guided mule deer hunts require perference points to draw or buy a voucher for $1000-$3500 from some of our land owners. 5 day hunts with food, lodging and guide included. Bucks range from 165-200 average is 175-180


Guided Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion Hunts are a lot of fun. They can be very challenging also. WEO prides ourselves on high success rates so we don't take very many lion hunts. We provide everything for you on these trips. Lodging, food and transportation. You can even use a weapon we have. You just have to be able to get here when the getting good. We run these hunts on a "call" basis. We call you you better get here quick before conditions deteriorate. Contact us for more info and to book you spot. 


guided elk hunts in colorado

Guided OTC Elk Hunts

For the elk hunter who likes to get out each year and hunt elk we have several options for the Over The Counter elk hunter. With some private ranches to hunt along with BLM permit land we have a good record and happy clients hunting elk each year. 

2x1-$4500 / 1x1-$5000

All or a portion of our hunts are conducted on permits issued by the BLM.