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Hunting Guides Wanted

  West Elk Outfitters can always use qualified guides, mountain cooks, and wranglers.

  Guiding hunters is not for everyone. It takes a skilled, patient, hard working, go getter to be a successful guide. West Elk Outfitters looks for individuals who not only can hunt and pack but see what needs to be done and do it. These team members must be 100% about customer service and making sure that they are doing everything they can to make their clients trip a success and enjoyable. 

  West Elk Outfitters is NOT a guide school. We are willing to train and teach but on a limited scale along side one of our professionals, but we are not willing to jeopardize a clients hunt with your inexperience. Mountain living and lifestyle is truly an incredible way of life. Contact us if you're interested in joining our team. 


Cooks & Wranglers

The cook is everyones best friend after a long day of hunting, coming home to a hearty meal makes everyone happy. 

Wranglers pack meat and camps for us. There are some obvious things you must know to fill this position and horse and mules is one of them. Tack and packing is the other. Contact us if you have interest in any positions. 

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